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Alpha Gun Repair

posted May 14, 2014, 1:42 PM by ITCCOA Webmaster

Fellow Officials

With the help of Larry Foster in Jerseyville, I used a company in Texas to repair my  .32 caliber gun ALPHA starting gun.  This company repaired my ALPHA starting gun FREE.  They said that the ALPHA  starting gun has a lifetime warranty and  all that I had to do was mail the gun to the address below.

It cost me $ 9.11 from central Illinois for shipping and the turn around time was seven ( 7 ) days.  They replaced the cylinder, grips and cleaned the gun at NO COST.

I am sure that they can repair other guns, but you might call and ask about the cost.

Pitchford Custom Gunworks,
28703 Margerstadt Road
Waller, TEXAS  77484-9551