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9 mm Starter Pistol w/ Ammo

posted Jul 19, 2016, 4:49 AM by ITCCOA Webmaster   [ updated Jul 25, 2016, 5:09 AM ]
You've got to check out these 9 mm starter pistols at . It’s called the STALKER.  Only $70. Comes in many models and finishes.  And the 9mm shells are only $16 for a box of 50. Maybe our answer for the expensive Winchester .32 shells that we can't find. And for the expensive Alfa pistols. These 9mm shells are as loud as the .32 shells if not louder. Have some smoke and flash. Used mine at a USATF club meet last Saturday and fired over 100 shells and the cylinder is just as clean as when we started. Doesn't have all the packing that the Winchester shell has. This starters pistol is made in Turkey and is engineered just like the Alfa.  The smoke and flash comes out the TOP of the gun.  Seems to be well engineered and manufactured.  These are new on the scene so I don’t know the history and longevity.  They are the rave for starters out east.   You can buy three for the price of one Alfa.  Now the gun takes the 9mm RK blank.  You can buy them at and also sells them for a few cents cheaper per box. I have some links below.  If you go to first, do a search for STALKER.  I will bring mine to the IHSA Officials Conference in Peoria this weekend. Submitted by Mike Powers